So…this is it!

I had this idea some time ago, actually started a blog when I was in France, didn’t have the nerve & time and good internet connection to manage it and gave up. Now I don’t even remember the name of it, the site, and so on.

Truth is, I change my mind a lot and I don’t exactly know what I want (related to all aspects of my life).

It just happened that this week while struggling to get some sleep at a late hour in a strange bed, during a very decent night with nice snowflakes gathering at the window pane, this idea came back to live into my full-of-bad-ideas head and arrived at the conclusion that this may be a beautiful manner of wasting my time, using my words, comparing my ideas, sharing my criticism, telling you stories and lying.

So that, next time when I can’t get any proper sleep, quizzical smiles while dreaming and random eye movements at a normal speed because I have life challenging issues like „why On Earth I liked so much David Lodge’s „Changing Places” and then when I tried to make him my favourite author and started to read some more from his work, didn’t like him as much as previously….and „Out of the shelter” became a millstone not because it’s difficult to follow: it just bores me a bit too much?” :(….or „How come I really liked Never let me go– the movie  after really falling in love and devouring the novel (written by Kazuo Ishiguro) page by page and crying a bit at the very end of it when I usually don’t watch the movies or if I watch them, don’t like them when I read the book first, which, by the way, I strongly advise you to do as well! I prefer images to remain inside my brain as they grew up through the lens of my imagination. ” ….and it does not stop here, I think of conversations I had with people on trains, buses, around me and so on, I rewrite them with that invisible chalk joylessly hidden somewhere into my nervous cells, I imagine them totally different, I put smiles upon strangers’ faces seen this morning in the town, I think about the glourious past and do believe I can be a better person.

Be my kind of smart and fun!