Just got back home and my dear, dear sister hit me with a smart question.

She didn’t want to be profound or meditative, but her question gave me food for thought. Well, to be more exactly, my answer did.

But, what was that question again? She asked me  to put myself in a man’s shoes and to sincerely tell her if I’d like to have a girlfriend like me! Without hesitation I said…


….Well, I know, it seems that I lack some self-confidence, but it’s more or less than that. I know myself so much and I’d rather not have somebody like me: too moody sometimes, a little bit cold, analytical, perfect hunter when it comes to details, very good memory when it comes to mistakes that, eventually and unfortunately, I won’t forget under no circumstances-when it comes to that significant other. Plus, even if it’s not a plus, I don’t cook!

Well, went back to Timisoara and started to ask my friends the same question. Guess what? Every one, but do believe me please, absolutely every one of them said:


Even those who suck as boyfriends said that, had they been women, they would have liked to have a boyfriend like them!!!

Okay….shit! there must be something wrong with me then!   or not…because I realised that even if I don’t like myself from a ‘wannabe’ girlfriend position  I’d definitely want to have a child like me! All my modesty included!