Words of wisdom about women can come only from some other women… I have Dorothy Parker on my mind at the moment but my endless search of  wisdom won’t be stopped here, be it light or not.

Why is it, when I am in Rome,

I’d give an eye to be at home,

But when on native earth I be,

My soul is sick for Italy?

And why with you, my love, my lord,

Am I spectacularly bored,

Yet do you up and leave me – then

I scream to have you back again”

(On Being a Woman by Dorothy Parker)

Words of wisdom about men….

  • They hail you as their morning star
  • Because you are the way you are.
  • If you return the sentiment,
  • They’ll try to make you different;
  • And once they have you safe and sound,
  • They want to change you all around.
  • Your moods and ways they put a curse on;
  • They’d make of you another person.
  • They cannot let you go your gait;
  • They influence and educate
  • They’d alter all that they admired.
  • They make me sick, they make me tired.”
  • (Men, Dorothy Parker)

„Oh, is it, the Utopian

To hope that I may meet a man

Who’ll not relate, in accents suave,

The tales of girls he used to have?”

( De Profundis, Dorothy Parker)

  • ….and roMANce!

By the time you swear you’re his,

Shivering and sighing,

And he vows his passion is

Indefinite, undying-

          Lady, make a note of this:

One of you is lying.”

(Unfortunate Coincidence, Dorothy Parker)

Last (poem) but not least, my dears:

  • „Women wants monogamy;
  • Man delights in novelty.
  • Love is woman’s moon and sun;
  • Man has other forms of fun.
  • Woman lives but in her lord;
  • Count to ten, and men is bored.
  • With this gist and sum of it,
  • What earthly good can come of it?”

(General Review of the Sex Situation, Dorothy Parker)

p.s. Dorothy Parker had a major influence& contribution to my diploma paper some years ago!  Still does! However, I do think about Her from time to time.