I recently read an article in which ‘great’ psychologists nobody heard of explain how women get so very easily attached by clothes in time (& space I’d add) and aren’t able to throw some of them or all of them (it depends on the woman) even if they don’t wear them anyway/ anymore and regardless of the amount of  time which passed since they had bought that piece of cloth.

My sister tells me from time to time that I keep clothes I don’t need and wonders why I don’t actually throw them as I always complain about the lack of space in my wardrobe. I am NOT emotionally attached! Really! I am not… it’s only the fact that all my clothes look very good and one might never know how the fashion could change over night or how my mood functions (I dress according to my mood) or how somebody would need my help someday and I will offer them my clothes and so on…

I might also add that my mother doesn’t let me throw my things no matter how old are they. …do believe me, it’s an important add!

This week while cleaning and sorting stuff ( my sister, of course), Iasmina came across some old dresses and asked my mother about them as she wanted to direct them into the garbage (you can see, we do ask permission, good girls! :”> ). Well, just imagine! Those were my mother’s pregnancy dresses since she was pregnant with me! I’m going to be 25 this year! 😐 My sister is over 20 as well. My mother doesn’t want to make other babies either. As a matter of fact, she can’t actually make any other babies. But still….we do have pregnancy dresses in our wardrobe! 🙂

They’re still in there! all of them!

Now this is a post about getting emotionally attached! want some more? meet my family!Image

p.s. this really great picture doesn’t belong to me, found it on the internet & have no idea to whom I am to thank.