Cute, hot & light, Fifty Shades of Grey is the next book I added on the pile of read books this year. It’s catchy, easy to read and follow (if you don’t have it as an e-book as I did: it increases the amount of time you need in order to finish reading and your eyes make a constant, somehow painful effort; not a fan of e-books, I admit).

The story is predictable, the characters are some kind of a sexy extract of Sandra Brown’s novels, but the sex scenes that include bondage, lingerie, blindfolds, massage oils, and dildos, and different kind of sex toys are definitely a new add. So, we’re talking here about an erotic bestseller with tickles and whips, or to sum it all up: BDSM.

Well, while I’m not a keen reader of porn literature, (it’s my first time) I have to say that this story in itself is quite lovely: there’s this young, beautiful, naive, yet intelligent but clumsy girl with an exotic name ‘Anastasia Steele” who falls for a rich & attractive, and mysterious, and dark entrepreneur, named Christian Grey who is the happy owner of a Red Room of Pain and who is really into agressive sex and leather riding crops, all of them signs of an abused childhood, or, at least, a shattered one.

And they have sex. Lots of sex. Good sex. And orgasm Sex. ALL the fucking time!!! :))
She even had an orgasm when she lost her virginity! Lucky girl, I’d say! Isn’t it?…or isn’t she?

Likewise, I’m aware that she’s only a character in a book but that doesn’t mean that women all around the planet won’t be jealous of her!

And he’s inside me, quickly filling me, I moan loudly. He moves, pounding into me, a fast, intense pace against my sore behind. The feeling is beyond exquisite, raw and debasing and mind blowing. My senses are ravaged, disconnected, solely concentrating on what he’s doing to me. How he’s making me feel, that familiar pull deep in my belly, tightening, quickening. NO… and my traitorous body explodes in an intense, body-shattering orgasm.


It is the most gentle he has ever been, and it takes no time at all for me to fall over the edge, spiraling into a delicious, violent, exhausting, orgasm. As I clench around him, it ignites his release, and he slides into me, stilling, gasping out my name in desperate wonder.


I cry out a wordless, passionate plea as I touch the sun and burn, falling around him, falling down, back to a breathless, bright summit on Earth. He slams into me and stops abruptly as he reaches his climax, pulling at my wrists, and sinking gracefully and wordlessly onto me.

….and so on!

Fifty Shades of Grey is not exactly a good book in the classic term of what a good book is, but I can’t say ‘Lucky for you, I read this thing so you don’t have to.’ as in an interesting & sarcastic article about it I read on the internet just today. In a way, it initiates readers like me into a different type of writing &subject and presents another perspective of romance and sex.


P.s. I have to thank Sandra Brown for her novels because that’s how I started reading books. I was very young (10 or 11) and there was nobody there for me to guide my reading so that in my eagerness I read everything I put my fingers on and, as all the housewives in my neighbourhood had only her books that’s what I first read. I discovered Jules Verne after a good amount of time embracing sex at a light level (in her books, of course). :)) Nevertheless, it was a smooth pass!