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Motivational reminder

I’ll put this here as a personal motivational reminder and  will write under it every time I do something for the first time:


Saturday, August4th, 2012: -sailed a boat & went across a lake!

Saturday, August 25th, 2012: took a bath in the Bega river (2.50m deep) & I don’t know to swim!

Saturday, September 8th, 2012: lit a sky lantern!

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012: ate Thai food!

Saturday, December, 15th: got stuck on my way to University in a bus for 5 hours because the road was blocked due to snow fall and strong wind.

Saturday, December, 22nd: saw two theatre plays on stage in the same evening.


Saturday, January, 12th: ate calamari for the first time.

Friday, February, 1st: used a sky-lift, up in the air (and cold, and snow) for more than 40 minutes.

Saturday, February, 2nd: snowbording 😉


Thursday, February, 14th: eaten & shared my first pomelo with my parents and sister

Monday, February, 18th: first online campaign I got involved as a blogger. Had to read 2 books and to speak about them! Also, due to the comments I’ve received at those posts, two trees have been planted somewhere in Romania.

Tuesday, March, 19th: small victory @ work. Got the highest mark from an inspector who assisted my lessons.

Tuesday, March, 26th: drunk soya milk for the first time

Tuesday, May, 28th: got caught by mistake in a flash mob in a small town while being there with job problems! loved the feeling!

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