Last year, with the 6th graders, I had an optional class of English called ‘The Land of Stories’. It was a huge succes and all the pupils enjoyed the format of the class. We’ve studied many fairy tales together and tried to discuss them all from a different perspective/ appproach. Each and every one of them was appreciated!

Next, during a special week in which there were only extra- curricular activities involved I put them a movie.  It was Puss’ in boots, one of the stories we’ve studied together during the class and the main task I’ve required them at that very moment was to only pay attention so that during the next class we can discuss the resemblances and the differences.

I was more than happy to see that my students could give me all the details regarding the movie afterwards, they did pay tremendous attention and also knew extremely well all the details of the classic story in itself! They observed that there were mostly differencies, nevertheless they enjoyed them both! I’ve explained them some things about the vision of the directors of movies in contrast with the authentic version of the authors and the importance of personal touch and imagery.

Meanwhile, I’ve watched two new movies inspired from fairy tales: Mirror, mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman and it was very interesting to notice for myself the differences between the classic tale and the movies and the so very contrasting visions of the scenarios, the directors and the play of the actors from the two.

Mirror, mirror was more playful & humourous, it preserved better the idea of a fairy tale. Snow White and the Huntsman was warriorlike & from time to time had some difficult to digest scenes.

In both movies the dwarfs were badass thieves…

…while the actresses who played the role of the step mothers were more beautiful than those who played Snow White:

(Julia Roberts in Mirror, Mirror and Charlize Theron in Snow white and the Huntsman)

The White Snows (Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart) were indeed symbols of the young and naive, somehow I consider Lily Collins’ eye brows too much, while Stewart is extremely dramatic and her pale look and desperate attitude from the Twilight movies is still there. I prefer Collins to Stewart as Snow White.

An interesting add I’ve noticed in both movies is the idea of the prince that became somehow overrated. In Mirror, Mirror he is a stumbler while the one in the Snow White and the Huntsman has no chance in front of the Huntsman. Here, even the kiss of the prince doesn’t work anymore. The huntsman was more prepared for this job!

As when it comes to costumes I prefer those from Mirror, Mirror:

…and for an optional class of English I’d go for Mirror, mirror as well!

Foto credit: official facebook sites of the two movies.