My first „will you marry me?” happened some years ago.  I was a college student back then.

I said „no’ in a graceful manner (at least I tried to) and now, while I remember this, I actually have a smile upon my face even if at that very moment I was very pissed has no age

What happened exactly? Well,  a childhood friend came up one morning to my door out of nowhere and shared his feelings for me. He was extremely drunk and came by taxi directly to my house from another town, a 54 km distance or so. It was during the summer holiday so I was at home with my parents and my sister.

I was surprised to see him first because I haven’t seen him for ages (he said he worked in Germany for a living), but I don’t know to what extent I was also glad to see him because he put up an entire show in front of my house. Loud music, the taxi driver in its taxi, my parents, some neighbours, love declarations, he even danced…. Apparently he loved me since we were kids and we played together but he never confessed. We were very young and spent our summers together along with all the other kids from my street whenever he came to the village I lived (his grandma also lived there). Somehow, I outgrew him because, when we were teenagers and he came during the summers as well, I don’t remember me spending time with him.

Now, as I recall the awkard moment when he proposed I can actually feel how furious I was then, and to be honest about it, I am very sure that my mother annoyed me the most. For reasons unknown, she was extremely happy and enjoyed all the show. I only felt misery and I was appaled that the young boy I played during my childhood looked like that (he had a very weird hairstyle. a kind of  a ponytale like a palm tree on his head!) and behaved so crazy.

So, now when I look at all my colleagues that got engaged, married and had chlildren I can’t stop thinking how it was when they were asked to marry the guys from their lives (I’m not buying the crap they write on facebook!) and I am very curious why they said yes! :))

p.s. I also had a big crush on Lucian when we were playing hide& seek as kids. But I’m pretty sure that I liked him only during the summers I saw him. Probably I was ten or eleven. And shy.

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