My 2012 movies are the films shot last year that I’ve watched. I won’t make a top 5 or 10, I just want to mention them so as not to forget what I’ve seen or what I haven’t. :))…for personal matters!

1. Dr. Seuss: The Lorax.

Also, mentioned here.

2.  Mirror, Mirror…

Also, mentioned before here!

3. The Vow

I remember this film vaguely. Wasn’t too impressed. I actually forgot that I’ve seen it! I can’t even remember the ending.

4. Dark Shadows

Not a film for children…some of the puns are too sexy!

5. Snow White and the Huntsman

there too!

6. Total Recall

(seen at the cinema)

7. Ted

8.  Brave

9. To Rome with Love

(the one in Paris was better)

10. Seeking a friend for the end of the world

(to be continued)

p.s. from these 10 movies I liked Seeking a friend for the end of the world most!