If you want to become a teacher you should know that before practice you need to have a strong theoretical background: attending specialised courses and lectures on pedagogy are a must, debates, research papers, knowledge in terms of evaluation, storytelling, presenting subjects and motivating students  are also, among others, very important. There are some books on How to teach….? and they  are really useful. This post is a recommendation for all of you, teachers to be or simply,  teachers that want to keep on being updated to new and wanting to improve their skills!

The latest book I’ve read is How to teach vocabulary by Scott Thornbury and I felt more than motivated to read it entirely as now I’ve acquired some new methods of teaching vocabulary that I can hardly wait to use in my lessons with my students. More than that, it gave me an idea on how to develop a research paper I have to prepare for an exam. 😀

The language in itself might be tedious at times and even difficult in terms of the „teaching language” but once you get the grip of those terms things will seem easier. And pretty interesting. I’ve read some of these books before and I have to admit that they are truly inspirational and full of good ideas to be put into practice in classrooms.

The book is devised in 9 chapters:

1. What’s in a word?

2. How words are learned (the first and the second chapters are more theoretical)

3. Classroom sources of words

4. Texts, dictionaries and corpora

5. How to present vocabulary (extremely useful!)

6.  How to put words to work

7. Teaching word parts and word chunks (a very delicate subject!)

8.  How to test vocabulary

9. How to train good vocabulary learners

I consider all the chapters equally important and you shouldn’t skip any of them!

Have a good reading!

Don’t forget to take notes!