„Why should I be a teacher? Simple question, difficult answer!

Well, as far as I am concerned, I once dreamed to be a teacher because I loved some of them and now because I hate the great majority of them (i.e. teachers). I always wanted to have my History teacher’s charm and passion and my French teacher’s obstinacy in making us understand what I most hated (and still do): grammar! But she knew how to render it practical to us and had her charm too!

I try to make myself a general knowledge in order to communicate it to others, as Iorga suggested, and to help the others, but I’m disgusted with those „teachers” who simply hate students and act as if weren’t for them (i.e. students) that they receive a salary, they see their profession as an obligation, not as a duty.

This is why I want to be a teacher, in order not to be like that, to encourage my students to read and to follow their hobbies within school. So what if they’re not interested in the object I’m going to teach them? But it’s important I encourage them to continue studying and paying special attention to that particular object they’re interested in, to show them understanding, to show them that you want what’s best for them, that you’re an elder brother who knows more about life and not an enemy waiting to track the student down and to punish him everytime he didn’t learn his lesson.

I want to be a teacher just to be otherwise, to show a more human and efficient face of education and to give a model of responsability, interest and devotion. Otherwise how could I teach them that, if I myself don’t have these values?

Romania’s disease is caused by the fact that we preach the things we, in our inmost self, do not have! This should be changed! I’ll try to do that, but I’m very sceptical to the eventual results.”


Found this draft of a paper among some old books. These beautiful words aren’t mine. They belong to a man I once used to love! We were students back then and had high hopes and dreams! 🙂

He is a teacher now!

I am a teacher, too!

We no longer talk to each other!

Life’s like that!