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funny site explaining stuff. including your name!

You should try it!

For my name I found:

1. n A person who is caring, smart, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind when the time is appropriate.

2. cute, charming, sexy, very attractive girl
someone that everyone wishes they could date

3. n A mirela is a person who is modern hippie, including vegetarianism and listening to old classic rock (not the good kind). Also this person is very much into drugs, mostly marijuana.

4. A promiscuous bosnian girl. Usually a porn star that loves to flirt with guys constantly.


I mostly go with number 1! 🙂


2 gânduri despre „funny site explaining stuff. including your name!

  1. Alin
    Descendant of the great titan Atlas. Founder of Stalinskaya vodka. Hung like a horse. Loves to smoke ganja and is an all around G.


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