It’s funny how people keep asking me, even if I came back home since the end of March last year, where am I, when I’m coming back home or back to Romania, what I’m doing, where I’m hiding. It’s like nobody really knows where I am at the moment

Truth is I appreciate mystery. I never like to spoil it. I can keep secrets. But there’s no secret here, really.

One thing’s for sure. I’m not where I’d like to be and somewhere in my heart I miss and dream of Provence, of that place that made me happy  despite my loneliness there.

I can tell that now I’m surrounded by people that know me since I was a little girl and, each passing day, I develop more and more anti-social skills. When I was all my myself, I was, redundantly, more than ok, pretty happy and excited.

I do hope to have the opportunity of travelling all by myself and living all alone in a different, foreign country. That’s the way I find myself. I discover the better me, the merrier, the more enthusiast. The one that matters. 🙂